101worstplaces.com, and its accompanying app, 101 Worst Places, aims to be an ongoing epilogue for the book itself -- and we want to hear your stories. Use this section to contribute your own suggestions for places and experiences -- real, hypothetical, historical, contextual, whatever -- that remind us that it's okay to stray from the beaten tourist track, and celebrate the idea that sometimes the worst experiences in the moment make the best stories afterwards.

Or, alternatively, things that just suck.

(One-liners are fine, too.)

So share a story! By doing so, you confirm that the text is yours, that any accompanying photo isn't copyrighted by someone else, and that you're giving us permission to share it with the world. If we decide to use your story in future editions of the book, we'll try our best to contact you first—so please give us a valid email (we won't give it to anyone else. promise).