An american fat guy in paris

First, I’m not fat. I’m chubby. I have a 36″ waist, which allows me to shop for clothes in regular stores. I’ve never had to purchase pants from a big and tall store. My wife and I love to travel and have grown tired of returning home with typical trinkets and t-shirts from the places we visit. So, my wife likes to pick up kitchen gadgets and art from the places we visit. I like to get my hair cut (thanks, Rick Steves) and buy clothes and shoes from foreign retailers. However, fat Americans should never try and buy jeans in Paris. This spring while in Paris I visited a Parisian jeans store, which in my opinion is one of the 101 Worst Places in the World. I was staying in the Latin Quarter of Paris with my wife. On our walks from our hotel to the metro station, I passed all sorts of hip Parisian clothing stores. I told my wife that I wanted a pair of Parisian jeans as a souvenir. One afternoon, we entered a shop that only sold blue jeans and I walked towards the racks of jeans. The salesman quickly asked if I was shopping for myself. I answered that I was and he began to chuckle. He let me know that the largest size they carried was a 36″ waist. I told him that I had a 36″ waist and he literally laughed in my face. He gave me the up and down as he continued to laugh. I speak horrible French, but luckily English swear words are spoken and understood worldwide.