greece in Crete Knossos palace

In Greece on the island of Creete there is a place where a man name Thésé had to fight
the Minotaur an animal half human half beast
who had the head of a bull
for attaining his goal to kill the beast he had
to go throught a labyrinth and find the beast
in the middle of the labyrinth in order to kill him
but there was another problem he had to return back out of the labyrinth
his futur wife, Ariane gave him a long string he had to unroll along his way in so that he just had to follow it to get out of there
i was amazed to see at last the famous labyrinth
what the hell when i arrived there all that was is two big empty jar and a few stones
what a wonderful discovery
i could have the same thing if i have put in my garden two jar bought in the first pawn shop
and put them in my garden with a few stones
and ask a little money fee to save people from
making a trip in Greece to see that
this is the same kind of marvelous Greek history you can see in all Greece
the most wonderful monument is the Parthenon if you like to step up stairs to see a few colomns and go down again
the only thing i really enjoyed was the souvlaki
and you can savoured them in any greek restaurant in your neighborhood
so if you want to see the beautiful story of Greece stay home, buy a few stones and a few jars make a fire in order to taste marshmallows
that they don’t have in this country