Key Worst

This is a tropical getaway wanna be that fails miserably. The concrete lagoons installed by hotels as ocean swimming holes because that is the only way you can get in the ocean on the other keys suck even as makeshift swimming holes. The man-made beaches five feet wide on Key Worst are terrible. The main drag party street on key West is a Bourbon Street wanna be. If I wanted to go to Bourbon Street I would go to New Orleans. Margaritaville in this tropical failure of an Island hosted a heavy metal screaming terror of a band on my visit and on my request of a margarita the bartender taps the margarita machine instead of reaching for a blender. Disappointing to say the least that a namesake drink would be tapped for a cash machine instead of a quality drink. The locals don’t want you there and nobody is pleasant. The hood of my rental car was severely keyed when I visited Key Worst. I didn’t leave anything there and will never return I am sure to the delight of the locals. They succeeded in keeping somebody else from returning to their island.