Suburbia to Live, Not to Visit

Westlake Village, California. It’s a wonderful place to live, nice climate, quiet, clean and very safe. But it’s a boring place to visit.

1. The lake has almost zero public access – and it’s illigal to feed the ducks or to launch a boat from the shore. No swimming allowed. Fishing is catch and release. Look, but do not touch.

2. The restaurants are good, but the sidewalks roll up at 9:pm. It’ so quiet at 10:pm that if you talk too loud, you’ll probably get arrested for disturbing the peace.

3. People walk or jog a lot, but if you are staying in one of the few hotels in the area, bring your car. There is very little within average walking distance.

4. There are two beautiful libraries. If you enjoy spending time in libraries on your vacation…

5. The storm drains are very clean and landscaped.

6. Public transportation is available if you have a lot of time to wait.