Titicaca Lake “Copacabana”

Copacabana in Lake Titicaca !! Normally is a great place to be, but it definitely depends on the hostel that you book or decide to stay the night in. So don’t get me wrong the town is Wonderful but the services simply suck, unless you are able to spend a lot of money for Bolivia like 30 or 40 USD per night.
Bottom line we spent the night at a hostel called LAGO SAGRADO, it was dirty as hell, and besides having dutch travelers robbed from their locked room, we heard all night long a lady screaming as if she was being bit to death. NO water, even my friends had to ask for the owner to change the sheets because they were dirty. The bathrooms had the windows to the hall ways so everything was seen from outside.
As well if you are there don’t expect nice bathrooms, even restaurants that look like nice have horrible bathrooms with out water, light or doors.
We found on the second night a much better place called Hostal Imperio 1. It is on the avenue that takes you to the lake and it offers clean and nice rooms for less money than lago sagrado. I really recommend to avoid this one. which i would categorize as the worst hostel I have ever stayed at!