Any Hotel in europe that charges 35 euro a night

15 students from my school, thirteen days in France, and many different hotels. But the second one… well… I suppose the NAME is enough of a hint. ‘Mr. Bed’. Now, this little hotel is 35 euro a night. A cheap price, but… then there are the quirks. My friends and I made a list of the top 13 reasons NOT to choose Mr. Bed. Here we go:

1. The name. It SUCKS.
2. No A/C in 37 degrees Celsius heat. (This is HOT, for all you Fahrenheit people) and still, we found a fleece blanket on the bed.
3. TINY rooms built for one person have sleeping beds for three.
4. Airplane sized bathrooms with added shower. Soap only available in the dispenser in the shower.
5. Leaky roof over stairs. (And there was a storm, so there was this patch of wet carpet)
6. No elevator. (And the room some of us had (me included) was two floors up.) So I had to pass the soaked stair the second day, when bringing our luggage down.
7. One room had bugs. And some turned up in the breakfast juice.
8. The breakfast was served in Tupperware.
9. TVs in rooms were so old, they were almost from 1987, or whenever color TV without antennas came out. They were also bolted to the ceiling.
10. Faulty room card keys. sometimes you got in, sometimes not.
11. Front desk reception is unavailable after 9:00 PM
12. Mysterious stains on sheets that could be blood of ketchup. We hoped it was the latter.
13. No phones in rooms. What if there was trouble? How were you to call for help?

Yes, it was the worst hotel we stayed at. But it could have been worse. (The hotel next door was only 30 euro a night)