Waldoborough, Maine USA

The laundromat in downtown Waldoborough, Maine. This location is only found by asking a local where clothes can be washed. (No sign out front or other markings to indicate what goes on inside.) There is no attendant on duty, just an elderly couple who sweep up at closing time. Don’t expect conversation-only odd looks and unspoken irritation. Also lower your expectations of having the clothes dry in the vintage dryers. Maybe these people who close up shop are the “Lutherans of Norwegian Origin” that Garrison Keillor speaks of in a tongue in cheek fashion. My children and I found this location while traveling to Acadia National Park on a rainy afternoon. Used to engendering engaging responses from others, the kids, a teen and a pre-teen were terribly surprised when their efforts at small talk were rebuked and only blank stares interspersed with scowls were levied in their general direction. The youngest asking “What’s wrong with those people? Are they serial killers?” We have since spent time pondering the type of faux pas we may have committed, or if they were deaf, or mentally impaired in some way although this did not appear to be the case. It may be that we were just annoying tourists!