Avoid Kuwait

I had the “pleasure” of spending two years in Kuwait while working as a contractor with the US Army. On the positive side, it beat the heck out of the two years I spent in Iraq. On the flip side, however, is the fact that there really isn’t much to do in Kuwait. It is expensive, hot, windy, sandy, and there are no real destinations for tourists or vacationers. Activities are pretty much limited to eating and shopping, and while many might jump at either or both of those, you can do better many other places. Most of the food is American chain restaurants (Fridays, Chili’s, Carino’s, and most of the fast-food chains you can think of), and is quite expensive. Add to that the fact that the meat is local or else brought in from nearby countries, and no alcohol, and the novelty wears off quickly. Shopping is very expensive, period, and there is not much you couldn’t find elsewhere.

As far as sight-seeing goes, forget it. It really doesn’t exist. Unless you want to see sand. Kuwait sits at the northern end of the Persian Gulf, and while there are beaches, you won’t find them being used. The water is way too hot for that, and the local laws on public decency pretty much put a damper on any beach-going clothes.

If a person is set on going to the Middle East/Persian Gulf area, my suggestion is Dubai, not Kuwait.