Fast Food Discovery

My husband and I were mid-leg in our journey to Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, TN) and were taking 75 S most of the way. It was my husband’s turn to drive and I, as usual, took the opportunity to catch a few winks before we switched again. About an hour later I am woken up by husband gasping in alarm. I panic thinking he ran through a red light – again- and grab the dash. After a few seconds I realize we weren’t going to crash so I demand to know what the heck it was that he was reacting to. He looked at me, eyes all a glow, and said “I just saw a sign for the Kentucky Fried Chicken museum! *The original restaurant*!” “What, do you want to go?” Shame-faced he told me that, no, maybe it wouldn’t be worth it. At this point my heart is trying to calm down from the scare and now I was pissed that he woke me up for something so goofy. And the only thing I could think of to make it all better was to insist that we go. I mean, why not? It’d be something to tease him about for years. So, we pull off and check out the museum. It took a bit to find it, it was sort of hidden behind a bunch of old derelict buildings and ancient businesses. Obviously the drag used to be successful but has now fallen on hard times. We found out later that it was because the traffic had been re-routed to the freeway. Anyway, we get into the museum and are instantly greeted by the bright lights of a standard KFC restaurant. All the museum stuff was scattered around the sitting area, but until we ventured forth, all we saw was a regular KFC value meal menu. We decided to order a meal to split just to say we did. I go off an look at the “original” kitchen. It actually was pretty neat. You could see how Harland Sanders really did revolutionize fast food cooking using old fashioned thinking. And I had no idea that he ran a huge motel complex! While I was poking around I saw that they were selling a real album record of The Colonel Sanders Mandolin Band. We bought it for my father-in-law. As we sat down in the eating area looking at the old cash register I realized that this was probably the most mundane and yet interesting sidetracks I have ever been on. And you know what? The food was a million times better than what I have had at the other franchise KFCs.