Your Boogers Will Turn Black!

Ya, I know it sounds gross, but it is so true. After spending three weeks in Chennai, India, my boogers were black! The city is way over crowded and crossing the street is an adventure in itself. I didn’t think I would make it to the hotel, the people there drive absolutely insane, and what’s amazing is that no one ever seems to get into accidents. I went in July, so the humidity almost killed me (and I’m used to spending my summers in Indiana!) On top of that the air is thick and smells of raw sewage and curry, no wonder I couldn’t keep a meal down! The first week we stayed there (study abroad trip), we stayed in essentially what amounted to a boarding house. The beds were rock hard, no toilet paper (they gave us a bucket though!), and we had to sleep with the lights on so the creepy crawlies would stay away. Oh and by the way, most bathrooms don’t have TP they usually just have a bucket and a spigot or just a hose. If that weren’t bad enough, some places don’t have toilets, but instead holes in the floor that you have to squat over to use (I never knew what I looked like using the bathroom until that trip!). I will say one thing, the people were generally nice, and the women wear beautiful clothes. The cows hanging out in the middle of the street were pretty cool too. So if you like to inhale so much pollution that your boogers turn black, and you enjoy watching yourself use the restroom…then make sure Chennai makes your bucket list!