Florida Campground From Hell!!

We live in Florida and are avid pop up campers. There are many terrific campgrounds in our state, but one that must be on your list is the Army Corps of Engineers camping facility in Ortona, Florida. Ortona is midway between Belle Glade, Okeechobee and the middle of nowhere, and the ONLY thing there is an Army Corps lock and dam facility with a 20 space campground. There is NOTHING here at all! You are not allowed to launch or moor a boat anywhere along the canal by the campground, there is no playground, no clubhouse, no facilities at all other than a bath house. The most excitement we had the whole endless weekend was staring at an ridiculously enormous brahma bull with extremely large balls in the field across the street. I think we were all traumatized by this place, and it is amazing that we ever pulled the camper out of the driveway again after that trip. Total boring hell!