Glasgow, Scotland

In the summer of 2006 right after high school, a friend and I decided to backpack in Europe for 3 months. We went to many amazing places. One place in particular I was looking forward to visiting, was Scotland. Scotland has many amazing and historical sights. I particularly enjoyed Edinburgh, and the highlands of Scotland. One city we visited on our venture north, was Glasgow. I was excited at the time, because this was our first stop in Scotland. When I onto the streets, it was very dirty, and there was a guy vomiting on the sidewalk. Throughout the city, there was vomit and trash in many places. It was very dirty where we were. We stayed in a hostel, however I can’t quite remember the name of it.

I also recall going over a bridge and going the wrong way down an alley, and a really, really strange man began to follow us. We picked up our pace and walked around the block to lose him, then headed back towards our hostel.
We were not in Glasgow but for 2 days, so I am sure there are nice parts we unfortunately did not experience. The only nice thing I remember was trying Haggis at a local restaurant for the first time, I quite enjoyed it.

I want to conclude this by saying Scotland is a beautiful and gorgeous country. Everywhere else we went was a fantastic experience. Loch Ness was a little overrated, but the drive up there had fantastic scenery.