The Great Texas Mosquito Festival

Clute, TX – In this town, near Houston, they celebrate an insect despised the world over every summer.

As one makes their way to the festival from urban spread of Houston, they travel over a landscape that is flatter than any I have ever seen. Radio masts that tower nearly 2000 feet above the ground are readily visible, and the scent of chemical production hangs in the air.

Houston is known for it’s oil production facilities, but this area is known for its concentration of chemical plants. It is nearly impossible to miss one while driving through town on the way to the gulf. Dow is even a sponsor of the bloodsucker fest.

Some of this year’s events at the festival include:
- Mosquito calling contest
- Haystack dive
- Dodge ball tournament
- Senior Citizen’s bingo

As if there was the need for another reason to avoid the Lone Star State.