Wall, South Dakota

In the midst of a cross-country road trip circling the U.S. we spent entirely way too much time in South Dakota. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would – Badlands were one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen/climbed, Mt. Rushmore wasn’t that special but still pretty cool … but then there was Wall, South Dakota. And the ‘infamous’ Wall Drug … supposedly the largest pharmacy in the world. Signs for a couple hundred miles led you to believe that Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota was the only thing to see for the next 250 miles, 100 miles, 50 miles, 10 miles!

Wow. What a disappointment. It’s not really a large pharmacy, so much as a bunch of tiny unrelated shops in which you can probably find just about anything you needed (including a car-phone charger, nail clippers, and ice cream… the three things that were bought on our stop there). A bunch of small stores that you could technically move around through the side doors. To say it was a large pharmacy is a stretch.

And to say that it was worth stopping at is an even longer leap.

If you find yourself in South Dakota … DO climb the trails of the Badlands, DO hit up Black Hills Forest, DO see Mt. Rushmore in person (for about 5, 10 minutes tops)… and do NOT waste your time going to Wall Drug.

Or the Corn Palace. Not even going to get started on that one.